Michigan Demolishes Notre Dame 47-21

The two top teams in the history of college football met today in South Bend. Michigan leads both in all time total victories and all time winning percentage, with Notre Dame just behind. The battle is so close that a win today would have moved Notre Dame back ahead of Michigan in winning percentage. Playing at home, where Michigan hasn’t beaten them since 1994, and ranked number two in the nation this season, Notre Dame appeared to have an excellent chance of sneaking ahead of Michigan as the team with the higest winning percentage. They had an excellent chance, until the first play, in which Notre Dame was intercepted for a Michigan touch down. Notre Dame intercepted one of their own soon afterwards and tied the score, but from there it was all Michigan. Now, if Michigan can only avoid an upset between now and November, this might set up the Michigan vs. Ohio State game as a key game for the national championship.

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  1. 1
    kj says:

    You had to use the word “demolish,” didn’t you. Personally, I suspect you drove into South Bend with a trunk-load full of spinach, despite our conversation yesterday. Poor ND. Did no one cry RUDY?

  2. 2
    kj says:

    Okay Ron, the pictures are changing on the post. This looks like an interception by Michigan.

  3. 3
    kj says:

    OMG, I saw this on the comments and thought ND had lost again! LOL

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:

    That’s how the track backs work. (Sometimes I do remove them so that the recent comments aren’t packed to trackbacks to older posts).

    At the moment I’m a huge Notre Dame fan as if USC beats ND and UCLA they have an excellent chance of slipping ahead of Michigan in the computer rankings.

  5. 5
    kj says:

    “At the moment I’m a huge Notre Dame fan as if USC beats ND and UCLA they have an excellent chance of slipping ahead of Michigan in the computer rankings.”

    Which means??? Better for Michigan to have beaten them? Because they are ranked higher?

  6. 6
    Ron Chusid says:

    The question now is who is number two, as the number two ranked team gets into the national championship game (along with Ohio State).

    At the moment Michigan is ranked 2 and USC is ranked 3. However, one reason for Michigan’s high ranking is having beaten Notre Dame, which is also a highly ranked team with one loss.

    The way the BCS standings work, USC could improve their computer rankings by also beating Notre Dame when they play Saturday. There is the danger that USC will then move ahead of Michigan as the computer rankings don’t take into account the degree to which Michigan beat them. (They keep changing the rules so I could be wrong as to this year, but a while back they removed benfits for margin of victory to lessen the temptation for major teams to run up the score every week).

    If USC loses a game, they will fall in the standings and will no longer compete with Michigan for the #2 spot. That’s why I’m hoping ND beats USC on Saturday. In addition, it helps Michigan’s computer ranking against other highly ranked teams such as Florida as long as ND remains a one-loss team.

  7. 7
    kj says:

    Thank you, that makes sense. In my extended family collage ball hierarchy, Purdue trumps everyone, unless they’re playing Notre Dame, then Notre Dame, then Michigan or Wisconsin. (But never, ever, ever IU.) (Except in extreme cases.) There have been a few Purdue/Michigan feuds, but only among one set of cousins. Purdue/Wisconsin games always included a lot of booze so no one really cared who won.

    I’m duty bound to root for ND, and if it gives Michigan the edge to be Number Two, all the better. USC is so not on the line up.

  8. 8
    kj says:

    I still take exception to the word “demolish” in the headline though. Michigan didn’t demolish Notre Dame, they just beat them very badly. They “trounced” them. It was bad for ND 🙁

  9. 9
    kj says:

    At least ND is helping Michigan now. So a kinder, gentler word than “demolish” could be used. “Notre Dame Helps Michigan By Losing” or something like that.

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    notre dame rocks the are the best team ever

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