A Return to Normalcy

Dana Milbank does not appear very impressed with the Democrats for their brochure on A New Direction for America. From a political point of view he appears more impressed with the Republicans’ campaign slogan:

By contrast, Republicans have settled on a single, unofficial slogan, which essentially says: Vote Democrat and Die. And in politics, scary and scurrilous usually trumps elaborate and earnest — something Pelosi has experienced firsthand in recent days.

The Republicans generally do a better job of getting out a message to voters than Democrats. Republicans made a much better opposition party than the Democrats have. Unfortunately for the country, while they are great at getting out propaganda messages, they are totally inept at governing. In terms of governing party versus opposition, the Democrats and Republicans both do better in the other’s position.

The real change we are seeking is simply a return to normalcy. With a return to normalcy should Democrats control at least one House of Congress, legislators will hopefully return to finding areas of bipartisan consensus to pass bills rather than passing legislation by a single vote from the far right. While all lobbyist corruption won’t disappear, the abuses of the K Street Project will be ended. The checks and balances wisely devised by the founding fathers can be restored. Hopefully we can then have a foreign policy based upon protecting the country’s interests, as opposed to using fear to obtain more votes while strengthening al Qaeda and Iran. Similarly we will hopefully see the end of Congress concentrating on wedge issues to bring in the votes of the far right.

These don’t make for exciting campaign slogans, but it is these basic changes which are needed to start getting the country back on track. While the Democrats might not have an exciting manifesto, the public does sense we need a change.

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  1. 1
    janet says:

    But we also must have an exciting manifesto. We need some buzz. I am still not seeing the gravitational pull we need.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    It would certainly help if we had an exciting manifesto, but it might not happen as the real changes which would come from a Democratic Congress are the mundane things to retore normalcy which don’t make for exciting reading.

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