Polls Show Increased Support for Democrats On The Issues

The latest survey from the Pew Research Center presents news favorable to Democrats. If the election were held today, 50% say they would vote Democratic and only 39% say they would vote Republican. It’s clear why the Republicans are resorting to slime, as opposed to running on ideas as Harold Myerson discussed in his last column. The voters oppose the Republicans on virtually every issue:

Republicans can’t talk about issues like the economy, health care, or the environment as their policies have all been failures. Wedge issues like homosexuality and abortion no longer work for them. Even promises of tax cuts (regardless of whether the country can afford them, and regardless of their effect on the deficit) no longer even work for the GOP. All the Republicans have is resorting to personal attacks, and continuing to mislead the country on terrorism in the hopes that this will scare enough voters into voting for them.

Even the Republican’s advantage on terrorism has decreased from thirty points at the beginning of the year to nine percent. The number of people who believe we are losing the war on terror is approximately the same as those who believe we are winning (41% t0 39%) making it hard for Republicans to successfully run on this issue. The more they try to use fear, the more voters will see the Republicans as having been unsuccessful in keeping the nation safe.

The Gallup Poll has similar bad news for Republicans. Just as in the Pew survey, majorities prefer Democrats on the generic ballot and support the Democrats on most issues. Republicans often deny the results of polls which shows them doing poorly by claiming that the poll “over-samples” Democrats. There’s a good reason why recent polls are showing more Democrats. The Gallup Poll shows a steady increase in the number of people identifying themselves as Democrats and reduction in Republicans. This is really no surprise. If people are telling pollsters they plan to vote for the Democrat, and that they agree with the Democrats on the issues, naturally they are now more likely to also identify themselves as Democrats.

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  1. 1
    www.dmocrats.org says:

    Considering that only the Republican party has actually demonstrated weakness on national security and national defense the very moment that the planes hit the towers and the pentagon on Sept 11, 2001 anyone who considers the Republicans as strong on terrorism appears an idiot.

  2. 2
    www.dmocrats.org says:

    Google decides to support and finance Republicans.

    Full story at:


    Send google a message that you will no longer use their search engine as a reward for their supporting Heather Wilson in the 2006 election.

    Republicans Dan Senor, advisor to George W Bush and Ben Ginsberg the enabling lawyer who helped Bush steal the 2000 election consult for Google now.

    I’m going to find another search engine to use.


  3. 3
    Liberal Democratic Party USA says:

    Excuse me, but the 9-11 attacks happened under a REPUBLICAN administration. Anyone who believes that the Republicans can do better than anyone on figting terrorism appears a fool and a person who ignores the facts for political purposes and only cares about their damn tax cuts.

    Only the REPUBLICANS have actually demonstrated their weakness on terrorism on Sept 11, 2001.

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