Dick DeVos and His Lawyers At it Again

When there was an attack ad Bill Clinton didn’t like, his famous war room would respond and counter-attack. When there’s something Dick DeVos doesn’t like, he calls in the lawyers. WZZM TV reports:

The Committee for Dick DeVos for Governor has asked television stations to pull a political ad by the Michigan Democratic State Central Committee that claims DeVos invested in China while leading Amway.

The ad by Michigan Democrats has their Republican counterparts infuriated. The Democratic TV commercial claims, “After Dick DeVos laid off nearly 1,400 workers at Amway, his company in Michigan, he went to Asia. He invested over $200 million in China.

Democratic Chairman Mark Brewer says, “He laid off those people, he turned his back on Michigan and invested overseas.”

This is rather incredible after all the misleading ads DeVoss has run. Rather than turning to lawyers, the Granholm campaign responded by debunking the false ads. This isn’t the first time DeVos has turned to his attorneys to attempt to silence critics, including bloggers.

The DeVos attorneys are likley to stay very busy in light of the suit against Amway when he was in charge. MLM-Network Marketing Blog observes, “It will be interesting to see how Michigan reacts to this news. Conspiracy, Antitrust, Price fixing and Racketeering are not usually Governor-like qualities.”  Michigan Liberal has more details and writes:

Basically, the plaintiffs in this case are disgruntled “tools” sellers (i.e., motivational tapes, etc.) who got seem to have gotten fed up with the Amway pyramid and decided to tell all in federal court. Last month, you will recall the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the case can go forward. Well, that’s exactly what is now happening in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

The 75-page complaint obtained yesterday (along with 57 pages of evidence) displays the guts of Amway – internal wars and all – in vivid and exhaustive detail. There’s even a couple of mentions of the infamous Republican candidate for Governor of Michigan, a one Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos, Jr.

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    Brad says:

    You have to give poor Dick a break, he’s used to operating in Communist China where you don’t even have to use lawyers, you just silence your opposition as you please. So really we should give him credit for tying up the legal system with this BS.

    You’re exactly right that this is amazing given all of DeVos’ ads filled with outright lies. Anyway he tries to spin this, the facts are that he shipped MI jobs overseas and invested $200 million in China that could have been reinvested in MI.

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