Bush Pollster Admits to Fraud

The owner of pollster DataUSA has pleaded guilty to fraud for making up survey results. AP reports that, “According to a federal indictment, Costin told employees to alter poll data, and managers at the company told employees to ‘talk to cats and dogs” when instructing them to fabricate the surveys.” My dog, who loves to pee on bushes, says he was never contacted by any pollsters from DataUSA, but he would have loved to have given his opinion. My cats say they would just prefer not to be bothered by anyone for any reason, but if forced to vote would vote libertarian unless given tuna fish by another party.

AP also reports, “An FBI affidavit from 2004 quotes a supervisor of the company estimating that 50 percent of the data sent to Bush’s campaign was falsified.” There is no word as to which data was falsified. Perhaps it was a poll of the Iraqi people which said a majority would respond to an invasion of their country by greeting Americans with flowers. Or maybe it was a poll in which a majority of Americans said, “it’s only water–stay in Crawford and enjoy your vacation.” The same pollster has also worked for Joe Lieberman, raising questions if they provided him with results telling him that a majority of Democrats preferred that he sound more Republican.

One dog which was included in the survey results has been identified:


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    NonnyO says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that “Polls say…” is the equivalent of “They say…”. ‘Polls’ and ‘They’ are now the great ‘deciders’ of the sheeple who are easily manipulated because they haven’t thought things through and don’t know how to make up their own minds – nor do they even know what questions to ask because they’ve never been taught to think independently.

    Who are the pollsters polling?

    I signed up for Zogby’s polls, but they only sent me two polls to respond to, and the last was memorable because it was silly. Most of the questions revolved around TV shows, which I considered irrelevant (I don’t watch that much TV – most of it insults my intelligence). I sent them a letter about the TV poll and never heard from them again.

    Do (honest) pollsters want a certain demographic? I don’t fit that demographic of a married Repuke with a sheeple mentality.

    As far as invented and false “polls” put out by the Turd Blossom Swiftboating Slime Machine… well, I expect it. I know, without a doubt, that the Repukes will absolutely do anything whatsoever, no matter how criminal, to stay in power, per PNAC objectives. That’s why when I read “polls say” I assume something about the numbers or the questions that led to their ‘conclusions’ is false or misleading – or blatant lies.

    The only thing that actually surprises me is that the pollster was convicted of fraud….

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    david christopher miedzianik says:

    i have MR CLINTONS signature on his photo: david miedzianik
    i bought it down here in LONDON: cyber-cafe opposite TRAVASTOCK SQUARE: LONDON:

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