Hope, or dismay?

I’m not sure what to make of this news item; Pakistan military to reduce their military presence in Afghanistan return for expulsion of foreign Islamic militants. OBL himself would be classified as a foreign Islamic militant.

Is this good news? Do I believe the Taliban would readily expel some of the strongest warriors in their jihad in return for a reduced presence of Pakistan military? If that’s the case, it seems to contradict this report’s claim that local support for the Taliban has increased.

More here.

Pakistan ‘Taleban’ in peace deal

Pakistan has signed a deal with pro-Taleban militants on the Afghan border aimed at ending years of unrest.

The North Waziristan accord calls on tribesmen to expel foreign militants and end cross-border attacks in return for a reduced military presence.

Tens of thousands of Pakistani troops are fighting foreign Islamic militants and their local supporters in the country’s restive tribal belt.

Hundreds of people have been killed in violence in North Waziristan this year.

The BBC’s Barbara Plett in Islamabad says some observers believe the deal offers the government an exit from a military strategy that has largely failed.

Dozens of soldiers have been killed in North Waziristan over the past year and local support for the Taleban seems to have increased rather than decreased, she says.

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    kj says:

    If janet doesn’t mind, I’d like to highlight the blog written by her son’s friend from college:


    For while the majority of Americans finally seem to be aware of the failure of Iraq, I wonder if we’re as aware as we could be of BushInc’s Folly in Afghanistan.

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