Birth of a Resistance to the Cylons

Battlestar Gallactica fans don’t have to wait until the third season begins to see what has happened since the surrender of New Caprica to the Cylons. The Sci Fi Channel is posting ten web casts which show what has happened between the end of season two and season three, which begins on October 6. The web casts will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday, with today’s opening episode showing attempts to form a resistance after sixty-seven days of Cylon occupation.

Colonel Tigh appears to have a more heroic role than last season as a leader of the resistance. If the rumors are true, he will pay a price. I’ll place the spoilers under the fold.

Battlestar Gallactica Season Three Spoilers Below:

Rumors floating around include that Colonel Tigh will lose an eye and be tortured by the Cylons after they discover his activities in the resistance. Besides losing an eye, Tigh ultimately loses his wife as Ellen is killed, but not until she has had an affair with someone at the Cylon Planning Ministry and Brother Cavil. (Considering the number of rumors involving Ellen, I wonder if all or only some are actually true). Spoilers floating around also include several additional deaths, Lee Adama being fat for the first five episodes, and that the occupation stories will conclude with the fourth episode.

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