Republicans Turning on Republicans?

While Connecticut got all the publicity, the primary battle in Rhode Island is becoming more interesting. It recently was exposed that Stephen Laffey, who is running against Lincoln Chafee for the Republican nomination “wrote columns denigrating gays when he was a college student.” The Providence Journal received copies of Laffey’s columns anonymously last week. Laffey admits having written the columns and says he regrets having written them and that they do not represent his views. I won’t bother speculating why people who did not hold such views happen to have bothered to write such columns. We all know how open minded that Republican bunch is.
Here’s where it really starts to get interesting. The conservative News Blog speculates that this didn’t come from a Democrat as a Democrat would have no reason not to openly divulge Laffey’s secret past. They believe this may be opposition research done by Republicans against a fellow Republican:

If this is oppo and it reeks of it, the NRSC is now engaged in silent, deadly, nasty backstreet war with the Club for Growth folks. It isn’t cheap to dig this shit up, and to use it against a Republican? They ran a crazy ad about illegals to use against Laffey, now this? Liddy Dole has declared war against Laffey in a way not even the bloggers used against Lieberman.

This is amazing. Oppo against a fellow Republican.

And the Republicans knock us for little things such as being critical of Joe Lieberman for little things like undermining the campaigns of supposedly fellow Democrats.

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