A President from New York?

The New York Times looks at all the possible Presidential candidates from New York:

Imagine that it is two years from now, summer of 2008. The national party conventions are over. The nominees: Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, Republican Rudolph W. Giuliani and the Reform Party candidate, Michael R. Bloomberg.

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s implausible, but the very fact that it is considered within the realm of possibility — to say nothing of another Republican in the mix, Gov. George E. Pataki — is remarkable, given that no New Yorker has come close to the top office since Geraldine A. Ferraro ran for vice president in 1984. And not one has been elected president since 1944, when Franklin D. Roosevelt won a fourth term.

Has New York changed to become a spawning ground of presidential hopefuls? Has the nation changed to embrace its brand of politics? Is this New York-centric vision merely another example of self-delusion and news media hype?

They have a point that there are many New Yorkers with a chance at the White House. I just have two words to say to them: “Elliot Spitzer.” He wasn’t mentioned in the article and 2008 will probably be too early, but Spitzer may be the New Yorker who would make the best President. (Kerry/Spitzer in ’08?)

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  1. 1
    DiAnne says:

    This site is great – you are a genius of organization & energy.
    Your party and country are lucky to have you and so are your patients.

  2. 2
    Nick says:

    Everything DiAnne said is true!

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    Thanks DiAnne and Nick.

  4. 4
    Marcus says:

    Spitzer is kind of “Lebermanish” in that he is really over the top self righteous. I agree w/ so many things he’s done but have born the brunt of one of his crusades – tax free cigarettes from Native reservations in up state New York. He has single handedly made it more and more impossible to get cigarettes there in the last 2 years so much so that I’ve stopped and begun ordering from natives in another state. He made it illegal to use a credit card when ordering and has done several other things.
    I assume he has 2 agendas, SAVE POOR HUMANITY FROM THE EVILS OF SMOKING!
    And, Cigs should never be tax free.

    Here is why I think the fact that he is so obsessed with his own particular world view that he is cutting off NY nose to spite it’s face.
    Many parts of upstate NY are an economic basket case. People like me have been ordering cigs from the Natives up there for years. SENDING MONEY FROM ANOTHER STATE to the upstate area,which will be spent by the Natives in upstate NY!!

    This is stupidity!
    This is the kind of stuff that will eventually bite him in the butt. I’m afraid that he is to Populism what communism was to socialism.

  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:

    I’ll have to watch and see what he does as Governor to see if he still looks like a good prospect for President. It might be easier to tell what he is doing from a distance as Governor than as AG. Plus my opinion of him is largely based upon his public statements and writings, which might give a different picture of what he would do in office.

  6. 6
    Marcus says:

    Ya Know how they say the repubs are the authoritarian “daddy” party and the dems are the care taking “mommy” party – well Spitzer is like a “Mommy Dearest”!! lol

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