Joan Vennochi: Bush Clings to A Lost Cause

Joan Vennochi writes in the Boston Globe that Bush clings to a lost cause in Iraq:

Acknowledging that public support for the war continues to wane, the president said, ”These are challenging times, and they’re difficult times, and they’re straining the psyche of our country.” But as Senator John Kerry correctly pointed out, ”The American psyche isn’t the problem. The problem is this administration’s disastrous Iraq policy.” In fact, the presidential psyche, not the national psyche, is a big problem.

Bush, the stubborn, won’t leave Iraq. And even worse, he won’t admit mistakes relative to getting us there in the first place, or military miscues since, when it comes to carrying out the mission, he dooms us to travel the same misguided path as long as he remains in the White House. . .

When it comes to Iraq, Bush, the rebel with a lost cause, continues to defy one thing above all: logic.

Her columns have sometimes been frustrating due to the manner in which she has repeated right wing talking points about John Kerry’s views on Iraq. This time she gets it right in placing Bush and Kerry firmly on the opposite side.

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