Is the Enemy al Qaeda or Saddam; Eastasia or Eurasia?

In the world of Orwell’s 1984 sometimes the enemy is Eurasia, and sometime Eastasia. When the alliances shifted, whichever is the enemy was always the enemy. All evidence to the contrary is destroyed as the Fox-like media faithfully promotes the government’s line.

The analogy isn’t exact as we are not allied with one, but it feels Orwellian the way in which those behind 9/11 shift in the propaganda of the Bush Administration. Was Saddam or al Qaeda the enemy who we must go to war with? When it served the purposes of the Bush Adminisration, Saddam was involved in the 9/11 attack. At other times, such as today, not only was Saddam not responsible, but the official line is that they never claimed Saddam was responsible.

Like the world of 1984, Geroge Bush has Fox News. Unlike 1984, there are other news outlets which sometimes hold Bush accountable, and there is the blogoshere which consistently prevent the truth from falling down the memory hole. Think Progress and Talking Points Memo both reveal the dishonesty of the Bush Administration on the relationship between Saddam and al Qaeda, each providing links to different sources to back this up.

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