Intelligent Thought on Evolution

The New York Sun reviews Intelligent Thought in which sixteen scientists debunk intelligent design:

There is no scientific conflict. ID is not a theory in the ordinary sense of science, and it is certainly not a reputable “alternate view” of the planet’s life. It has no unique content other than its claim for the existence of a designer. It is not worthy of the time it would take away from real science in the schools, where the time is already far too short. It is in fact the denial of theory, supported only by unsupported claims of flaws in Darwinism. No positive scientific evidence has ever been offered for ID.

We need this book because its authors have name recognition with the general reading public, because they write well, and because the fight will not end any time soon. Humanity needs to come to grips, sooner rather than later, with its biological meanings, and with the values and anti-values of its religious belief systems. The fight is just beginning. If the real values of religion and spirituality, which include humility before the wonders of nature, are to survive our rising tastes for religious war and destruction, then more than just an elite among us must understand science – and what it yields as description of physical reality through deep time. The more often the small faction of us who read can pause to browse engaging books like “Intelligent Thought,” the better is the chance that we can stop the impetus of Homo sapiens toward self-destruction.

Hat tip to Religious Right Watch.


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    IseFire says:

    Glad you’re giving some play to this issue. Some folks seem to think that because of the ruling in Dover and the elections in Kansas, it’s all over: science and reason win. But, it’s not all other. Before ID there was “young earth” creationism, and there will be something after ID, too. The creationists are relentless because they suffer from cognitive dissonance: no evidence amount of evidence will convince them than evolution is sensible.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    This is far from over. There are also many fronts to this war on science beyond teaching ID in the schools.

    No amount of evidence will convince them, as you say. They have all the “evidence” for their side they need as long as they take the Bible literally.

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