The Bush Secrets

The Washington Post reports that the Bush Administration has classified information about US nuclear weapons during the cold war. The reason for this is unclear:

“It would be difficult to find more dramatic examples of unjustifiable secrecy than these decisions to classify the numbers of U.S. strategic weapons,” wrote William Burr, a senior analyst at the archive who compiled the report. ” . . . The Pentagon is now trying to keep secret numbers of strategic weapons that have never been classified before.”

This is just the latest in the Bush’s Administration’s penchant for secrecy:

The administration’s affinity for secrecy also was exemplified in its legal battle to withhold the names of oil company executives and others who attended meetings of a White House task force in 2001 that helped draft a national energy policy. More recently, President Bush has made clear his administration’s willingness to prosecute individuals it believes unlawfully possess classified material.

After 9/11 Bush classified many of poppy’s papers. What is the Bush family trying so hard to hide? In 2004 Bush even firedĀ  the Archivist to keep his father’s paper’s secret. Perhaps we’ll find out should Democrats take control of a house of Congress with the power to investigate.

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