Hoekstra Should Practice What He Preaches Regarding Unfounded Terrorist Threats

Congressman Peter Hoekstra should practice what he preaches. While in Muskegon yesterday, Hoekstra spoke about terrorist threats, but also cautioned against making the mistakes seen when inaccurate reports were released of a terrorist plot against the Mackinac Bridge:

“There may have been some folks who jumped to some conclusions a little too early. I don’t know if they overreacted. They just would have been better off waiting a little big longer. They may have felt the thrill of victory — ‘Hey, we just thwarted a terrorist plot’ — but you should get your information before going public.”

Perhaps Hoekstra should have thought of this before joining Rick Santorum in making discredited claims that WMD was found in Iraq last June.

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  1. 1
    Dave from Princeton says:

    No can do Ron.

    Besides having no ethics, no decent values, no honesty and no shame, right-wingers are 100% hypocrites.

    The above are the basic requirements to be a member of the current GOP. If you then add greed, religious extremism, playing on fears, and the spreading of hate and intolerance, you basically have the complete GOP platform.

  2. 2
    Marcus says:

    Dave and thats some of their better points!!

  3. 3
    Dave from Princeton says:

    That’s true Marcus. I was just trying to be nice 😉

  4. 4
    kj says:

    Dave, tell us what you really think. 😉

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