Americans Know Their Pop Culture

As someone who goes to Walt Disney World virtually every year I see nothing wrong with the fact that 77% of Americans can identify two of Snow White’s dwarfs. I even have many of their autographs. I am bothered, but not surprised, that only 24% could identify two Supreme Court justices. This is one of the results of a Zogby Poll on popular culture released yesterday. Perhaps they are confused by the fact that the last two Supreme Court justices were appointed by Dopey.
Maybe we can understand why 73% could identify the Three Stooges while only 42% could identify the three branches of government considering that the leaders of each branch might be seen as a contemporary version of the Three Stooges. I do not find ths poll surprising considering that one of my posts from The Democratic Daily which received the most hits was on Britney Spears and poodle balling following her appearance on Will and Grace (This is reprinted under the fold, along with the nude Britney Spears magazine cover in an attempt at blatant blog whoring to increase search engine hits). Is George Bush bucking this trend, or putting on an act, by reading Camus?

I am a great believer in cultural literacy, but this should include both true culture as well as pop culture. It appears that I’m in the minority by being more familiar with the Iliad and Odyssey than Homer Simpson. I also differ from the majority in knowing that Mercury is the closest planet to the sun while also knowing that Krypton was the birth place of Superman (along with being familiar with Vulcan, Barsoom, Caprica, Gallifrey, Tralfamadore, and Bajor).

While knowledge of pop culture is fine this must not replace knowledge of history, science, literature, and current events. Such ignorance leads to a population which does not understand when the government is violating the principles this country was founded on. This explains a country in which many believe Saddam had WMD before the war or was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Lack of understanding of science (as well as the separation of church and state) allows Americans to be conned by arguments supporting the teaching of intelligent design in the schools.

Mr. Sulu Defends Gay Activists After Taking on Britney Spears

Posted by Ron Chusid
April 18th, 2006 @ 11:31 am


Mr. Sulu has taken on a new fight. AP reports:

Mr. Sulu beamed down to lend support to student gay activists who tried to visit a private Christian university.

George Takei, who played the helmsman in three “Star Trek” TV seasons and six movies, made a surprise appearance Monday after a busload of Soulforce Equality Riders tried to talk about faith and gay rights with students at North Central University in downtown Minneapolis.


Last week Takei faced Britney Spears as a guest on Jack Talk. This occured on Will and Grace after Out TV was bought by a Christian Television Network and Britney Spears was made Jack’s co-host. Spears outwardly appeard to be herself, such as when she said, “we should just trust our president in every decision he makes.” Initially we were foooled into thinking Spears was playing herself, but that’s not how it turned out. If you missed the show, just imagine Britney Spears saying: “I’m not who you think I am. My real name is Peg. And I’m a hardcore lesbian. I’m into leather play, butch white girls, skunkin’, pullin’ the blinds, and poodle balling. Whatever you got, I’ll eat it, snort it, or ride it, baby.”

This post should really increase our search engine hits from gay Star Trek fans who are pretending to be straight by searching for pictures of Britney Spears, or people into really kinky stuff. Anyone have any idea what Britney is talking about? Poodle balling?

[For a few months after posting this, poodle balling was one of the top search phrases used to reach The Democratic Daily. As popular as poodle balling was as a search term, it did remain below the top search for nude Ann Coulter pictures].

Blatant Blog Whoring: Britney Spears Nude on Cover of Harpers Bazaar

Posted by Ron Chusid
June 28th, 2006 @ 4:24 pm

Britney Spears Nude Harpers Bazaar Cover

Considering how many hits we still get for the post about Britney Spears on Will and Grace (primarily hoping to find out the meaning of poodle balling) this just might propel us to the top of the blogosphere. Here it is, a photo of Britney Spears pregnant and nude on the cover of the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Spears also posed nude for an accompanying feature story and photo spread. Of course many reading this know that, as they are likely finding this while doing a google search for the rest of the pictures which E Online reports have already leaked onto the internet.

Is somebody joking when they match nude Britney with a cover story entitled, “Nothing to Wear? 487 Best New Ideas”?

Now, if only Britney would come up with something original, rather than a copy-cat cover with an idea already done by Demi Moore:

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