Perpetual Warfare

As the so-called “war on terrorism” is being used to justify the unjustifiable (including destorying the freedom which the terrorists allegedly hate us for), the duration of this “war” is an important question. Norman Podhoretz has an essay in Commentary entitled Is The Bush Doctrine Dead? It is beyond the scope of a blog entry to respond to this entire essay, considering that it attempts to justify every foreign blunder George Bush has made as well as the entire neocon agenda. Besides, anyone reading this probably already has their minds made up on this by now.

Podhoretz sees the “war on terror” as World War IV, following the Cold War or WW III. Podhoretz believes that the Bush Doctrine will define foreign policy in the futurr, which is a very scary thought to those of us who hope for both an effective response to terrorism and preservation of America as envisioned by the founding fathers:

I feel safe in predicting that, like the Truman Doctrine in 1952, the Bush Doctrine will prove irreversible by the time its author leaves the White House in 2008. And encouraged by the precedent of Ronald Reagan, I feel almost as confident in predicting that, three or four decades into the future, and after the inevitable missteps and reversals, there will come a President who, like Reagan in relation to Truman in World War III, will bring World War IV to a victorious end by building on the noble doctrine that George W. Bush promulgated when that war first began.

Three or four decades into the future. If that is the time scale which the supporters of Bush’s approach to terrorism see, we must think very carefully before agreeing to give up our liberties in this perpetual state of war.

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