Look Who Is Attacking The Moderates Now

Preemptive Karma looks at What’s Good For The Goose:

Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the “Northeast Moderate”?

Last cycle Arlen Specter barely held off a challenge from Pat Toomey, and this cycle we’ve already seen Joe Lieberman defeated in a primary to Ned Lamont and his millions.

Now the right wing Club For Growth, fresh off a primary victory in a Michigan Congressional race, has it’s focus on Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island.

Freedom Democrats writes:

So far this year, the Club for Growth has an 8-2 record in the primaries. Last night, they picked up two victories. One, in Michigan, was the defeat of a moderate Republican Congressman. But while both victories may be spun by “liberventionists” who advocate working within the Republican Party, the candidates who won last night were also extreme social conservatives.

How come it is a sign of extremism when Ned Lamont challenges Joe Lieberman, but its the right thing to do when Republicans dump their moderates and RINO’s whenever they get a chance? I bet all the same conservatives who are attacking Democrats following the Lieberman defeat also backed Ronald Reagan when he challenged Gerald Ford.

Republicans no more support centrism than they support limited government, freedom, or the free market. They just latch on to whatever words work, but their Orwellian propaganda is designed to hide their authoritarian agenda.

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