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Huffington Post (James Boyce): Can I Ask A Dumb Question? What’s An Islamic Fascist?

Put the two together and you have? Well, a system of government oppressively controlled through terror and censorship where the religion is Islam and there’s a policy of belligerent nationalism. But Osama Bin Laden does not run a government, the terrorists in Iraq aren’t a government, the 9/11 hijackers weren’t fascists, so who are the Republicans saying is a threat here?

Sounds to me like we’re not fighting terrorists anymore, because it sure sounds to me like we’re about to fight Iran.

The Moderate Voice: Joe Lieberman and the Jews

Lieberman is not entitled to anyone’s vote just because he shares their religion or even if he shares a lot of their views. He has to execise political skills that successful politicians who took controversial or even downright hated stands have for years. He has to earn it.

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: More StACLU Nonsense

Here’s the problem: they think that the ACLU opposes all law enforcement, all wiretaps, all infiltration of groups, and so forth. That’s simply false. The ACLU does not oppose all forms of search, seizure or surveillance, including any of the above. They do demand, as does the 4th amendment, that there be probable cause and that a warrant be issued authorizing the search (and yes, wiretaps and the like are searches).

The Lippard Blog: Hate mail from suggestion that Jesus was a liberal

There’s a website,, which suggests that Jesus was a liberal. . . This site has provoked some interesting hate mail which seems somewhat at odds with what Jesus would do.

Ottascope Musings: Under what authority?

Under what authority are we still engaged in combat operations in Iraq? Does a state of war exist in Iraq? Are we there to stabilize the nation, what? These aren’t purely academic questions.

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