Lawrence O’Donnell Believes Lieberman Will Drop Out

Lawrence O’Donnell writing at Huffington Post believes that Joe Lieberman will drop out in September to avoid a humiliating loss:

Now, both Clintons and everyone else in the Party are carrying Lamont on their shoulders. By late September, Bill Clinton will be onstage hugging his new best friend and starring in Lamont commercials. Connecticut’s much better liked senator, Chris Dodd, will be campaigning for Lamont this time. The Clinton and Dodd defections will cost Lieberman ten points in Connecticut. If Dick Cheney continues to say nice things about Lieberman, it’ll cost him another ten points. And Lieberman campaigning alone, all alone, will look bitter, very bitter. His smile will look faker than ever. Voters aren’t drawn to bitter.

I sure hope he is right on this. I’d rather have Bill Clinton going all around the country hugging Democratic candidates in states where Democrats can pick up new seats.

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    Marcus says:

    From Lawrence O’Donnells fingers to Gods ears!!

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