Kerry Supports Lamont

John Kerry, among several other Democrats, have announced their support for Ned Lamont as winner of the Democratic primary. Following is John Kerry’s statement:

“After an intense and competitive primary season, Connecticut Democrats have chosen their nominee and they’ve made a strong statement about the current course in Iraq which is failing our troops. I strongly support Ned Lamont for the United States Senate.

“I’ve worked with Joe Lieberman since our days in college together, and I respect his many contributions to our public life. But the Democratic Party stands for something, and the Democratic Party in Connecticut has made a choice. That choice will matter in November to the direction of our Party and the direction of our country. The events of the past months make even more clear the differences Democratic leadership would make for our country on Iraq, in making America safer, in having an economy that works for everyone, and in achieving energy independence. That’s who we are as Democrats, and that’s what we’ll be fighting for. It’s time for all Democrats to come together to support Ned Lamont. It’s time for Democrats to unite.”

Update: More, with background information at The Democratic Daily

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  1. 1
    Carol says:

    Ron –

    The blog looks good! Glad to see JK coming out strongly for Lamont, and for supporting the people’s voice. thanks for posting that.

  2. 2
    Nick says:

    Hey Ron

    It’s Nick. Glad I tracked you down here. Looks like a helluva blog. Great statement by Kerry-shows he’s in touch with, and respects the decisions of-the voters in the Democrat Party (and independents).

  3. 3
    janet says:

    Hey, I like the sound of this blog. So happy to hear of Kerry’s open and early support of Lamont.

  4. 4
    Marjorie G says:

    Congrats on your new home. The more rational and respected voices, such as yours, out there for us the better.

    Kerry has been so clear and strong on so many issues, from the war, health care, the recent enivonment plans, and now this.

    Lieberman in particular tried to harness in what Kerry was trying to accomplish in a new direction on the war, only to have Joe mimic the Bush lines. Also cannot forgive his very wanting the Iraq War before it was waged in aletter to Bush, and preventing the oversight and stopping of Bush through Congress with the Biden-Lugar amendment before the IWR became set.

    Joe was more than a single position, but a cumulative tamping down of other voices witin our party. Some independent not respecting our own differences.

  5. 5
    Marcus says:

    Lieberman also supported and voted in favor of the bankruptcy reform bill effectively shutting out individuals from protection EVEN if the claim was based on a catastrophic illness which entirely wiped out a families assets. A blatant gift to the large corporation’s. Talk about obscene.
    So it’s not just about “the war” Joe!

  6. 6
    Ron Chusid says:

    It looks like little by little everyone is finding my new home.

    This was a bit of a rush job last night to quickly go from an empty site to this. So far I sent out a message to everyone registered at the Kerry Reference Library. In the near future I’ll be sending out emails to others beyond that off of a number of lists I have.

  7. 7
    Marcus says:

    Nice to see familiar names here 🙂

    Listen, just to make myself clear here…..

    If Kerry was president now….

    We’d be well on our way to pulling out of Iraq

    We’d know were the billions and billions of $$ that have gone unaccounted for over there have gone

    Israel and Lebanon would not be in cataclysmic chaos now, Kerry would have seen it coming months ago and would have been all over it diplomatically.

    We wouldn’t be in a deadly stare down posture w/ Iran and Korea.

    Oil prices wouldn’t be stratospheric. ( I remember on the Kerry blog a month or so before the election saying that if Bush got back in we were going to get KILLED w/ fuel prices) And we’d be on a fast track to developing fuel alternatives

    W/O question the economy would be far better.

    We’d have a War on Terrorism
    NOT a War on Terror – we poor Americans – we live in fear and terror so we need someone big and strong to protect us ….. get my point?

    Katrena victims and the Gulf Coast would be in a 1000% beter shape then now.

    Having said all that I do feel the election was stolen, I do believe Kerry should have gone to war over THAT as Edwards agreed and was mortified when Kerry wouldn’t fight.
    If it “paralyzed” the country – great!
    If a country is about to go over a cliff paralysis is good!

    I just can’t find it in my heart to get back behind the guy and that makes me sad….

  8. 8
    Marjorie G says:

    Marcus, love your sizing up of how much better we’d be with a Kerry presidency. Just because we wanted Kerry to prevail, there was nothing he could prove then-and still can’t to a certainty.

    Shrum, to whom I blame a lot, wanted a speech to be given as we waited, and assigned it to Edwards. A lot of the other is urban legend.

    Kerry, and all those lawyers with him for years wanting the presidency for him also, could not prove the many ways the election stolen around the country. Especially not 3 million down in the popular vote, however curious.

    Mostly I wish better Dem organizations to bring in the vote, and enough of the party supporting our candidates, rather than their own campaigns for 08.

    We must do better on election protection in the future.

    Kerry went back to work and pulled out good legislation and led the charges on environment, Iraq, in many ways the president he knew he was.

  9. 9
    Ron Chusid says:

    As Marjorie said, this is mainly urban legend. Kerry did everything which could be done, and the belief that Edwards wanted to do more is just a story floating around the internet.

  10. 10
    kj says:

    “…floating around the internetS.” @;-)

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