Democrats in Majority on National Security

Wesley Clark has some comments on what is wrong with Lieberman’s policies:

You see, despite what Joe Lieberman believes, invading Iraq and diverting our attention away from Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden is not being strong on national security. Blind allegiance to George W. Bush and his failed “stay the course” strategy is not being strong on national security. And no, Senator Lieberman, no matter how you demonize your opponents, there is no “antisecurity wing” of the Democratic Party.

It seems that a majority of Americans are coming around, and that Lamonts victory is not a victory for the left over the center as conservative pundits claim. A new CNN poll shows that 60% of Americans oppose the war. A majority want to leave by the end of the year and 57% percent support timelines for withdrawal.That would make Lamont the candidate of the center and Lieberman the candidate with the out of the mainstream position.

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  1. 1 says:

    I suggest people pass this saying on to others.

    “Republicans strong on national defense and terrorism? No, that myth exploded on the plane that hit the world trade center on sept 11, 2001”

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